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30 November 2021
A little salty but pretty good flavor. Makes a good snack.

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Love these. Salty crunchy snacks. No way I could eat a bag in

one sitting they are quite filling and make toy guzzle the water too. Win win.


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Another one from the office pantry #abillionhacks 😮‍💨 It gets your hands too dirty to

both snack and code at the same time, so that’s not recommended. Perhaps it would be nice as a side with beer, finger-food style, but not as I was having it. You’d need a spoon otherwise and IMO that’s just gross 🤮 like imagine not eating with your hands,, what would Mahathir say? 😒 It tastes good and it’s pretty healthy I guess? Eat your greens (and the rich) 😗

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