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  • Dark Chocolate Coconut & Almonds + Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate Coconut & Almonds + Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Coconut & Almonds + Sea Salt

by Chocxo


4.00 (12)

  • Is Dark Chocolate Coconut & Almonds + Sea Salt vegan? Yes! Dark Chocolate Coconut & Almonds + Sea Salt is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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18 July 2022
I usually don’t like to buy individually packed items but this one is very handy

to take on a trip and everyday, why not?

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Although these dark chocolate little snap bars dont have 'vegan' written anywhere, i read the

ingredients list & put them for everyone here to see and i believe they must be vegan, just without a verification or a logo. #AccidentalyVegan

Anyways, these are delicious. Take these comments from a true chocoholic aka chocolate lover of my whole life and specially have loved dark chocolate unless it is a bitter tasting dark choc without any sweetness to it, but these have some sugar (4g) & are high percent of 85% cacao.

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This chocolate is so good — it’s rich and creamy, but has some good quality

flavours like coconut & almonds & sea salt. I love the size — perfect if you want a sweet treat but don’t want to buy a whole chocolate bar! #chocoholic

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Para mi gusto es muy amargo este chocolate, pero me gusta que traiga almendra, viene

en una presentación muy chiquita, de precio no sabria decir ya que me lo regalaron

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