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  • Rice and Walnut Drink
  • Rice and Walnut Drink

Rice and Walnut Drink

by Borges


4.44 (26)

  • Is Rice and Walnut Drink vegan? Yes! Rice and Walnut Drink is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 22%

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15 April 2021
Thick and creamy, and bursting with the wholesome nuttiness of #walnut ☺️ I enjoyed this

#mylk, whether as a base for my chocolate drink or with my morning cereals 😋. Would buy again #walnutmilk #ricemilk #ditchdairy

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I enjoyed this drink a lot! this plant based milk tasted sweet, creamy and had

a subtle nutty walnut taste to it. It’s definitely worth trying! :)

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#EveryEffortCount #22Mar #81/365 #535
Price:- 2 for $7.95(UP:-$5.50/pc) offer till 31 mar
This walnut drink

is a 100% vegetable drink that we can enjoy a good taste for all the nutritional benefits with good vegetables proteins and high Omega 3 content!

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Tastes like rice milk with a thicker consistency and a darker colour. Would never have

made this combination on my own and it is not disappointing! :) #milk

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I've not had walnut milk so I actually don't know what that is supposed to

taste like, but since this one has rice milk as well, it was all I could taste? It was still nice but I didn't taste the walnut at all. My mom got this on promotion at around S$4 but I'm not sure how much it normally costs. I would buy this again though because I think it tastes nice, compared to others. (btw i don't keep milk in my room, my phone was in my room so i brought the milk in to take a photo)

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