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Almond Milk

by Bjorg


3.94 (10)

  • Is Almond Milk vegan? Yes! Almond Milk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 22%

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28 August 2021
great product.

i can actually taste the almonds flavor, so much better than other almond milk options that i have tried. i use it to make my smoothies, gives a great texture. good consistency, no...

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10 September 2021
I believe that it’s all about changing our habits according to what we believe in.

I use to drink only cow milk, cause I thought it tasted better than almond milk. But when I started eating more plant-based food and cared more about the environment and animals, almond milk became my top 1, and the Almond milk of Bjorg is quite nice 😆

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15 August 2022
Mi ostino a prendere il latte di mandorla perché piace a mia figlia.

A me disgusta, lei lo beve. È senza zuccheri aggiunti

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5 July 2022
It's quite good although I still prefer Hazlenut milk.

C'est plutôt bon mais je préfère quand même le lait de noisettes.

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19 March 2022
Sebbene la mia bevanda vegetale preferita non sia il latte di mandorla, ogni tanto mi

piace cambiare, questo è biologico e adatto sia da bere freddo che caldo. Può essere usato come ingrediente per ricette dolci.

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