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  • Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties
  • Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties

Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties


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  • Is Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties vegan? Yes! Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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1 October 2022
Love these burgers omg! I heard many ppl said that they taste like real meat

so i was really curious and i tried. Until now i tried many burgers and yes, i have to say these are really similar to meat in taste and texture! Im not a big fan of vegan food who taste like real dead animals , im okay with vegetables and beans but sometimes i enjoy eat something like that especially I recommend to non vegan ppl who want to go vegan but love meat taste very much.

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Be prepared, this food causes addiction! ⚠️ No way we run out of this in

our house after finally having found a retailer in our town (big shout-out for IVegan in Rome). These burgers are so similar to meat you won’t believe your eyes! We also cooked them for non vegan friends and they liked them better than the real deal. We really adore the taste and the have a really high protein value! Highly Recommended!

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These patties have over 2 carrots worth of reviews, so I doubt there’s anything I

can add that hasn’t already been mentioned several times over, but here goes!

I remember not liking these #meatalternative burgers very much when they first came out, but between the reformulations and repeated exposures, they’ve definitely grown on me and are now one of my favorites. #teambeyond I find that there is a distinctive Beyond flavor and odor, which in a way reassures me that I’m not ingesting flesh. Otherwise, they have a satisfying heft and convincingly chewy, meaty texture; it’s even a bit unnerving how they seem to bleed. Remember that #beyondmeat retains a pinkish hue, even when properly done, so take care not to overcook (classic do as I say, not as I do; I accidentally burned mine!) They’re not the healthiest due to their saturated fat and sodium contents, so I try save them for special occasions, although these burgers do provide surprising amounts of essential vitamins — just one catapults you to 100% of the B-12 you need in a day. #soyfree and #glutenfree, too! They were a nice addition to the 4th of July festivities.

If I’m hating on one thing, it’s the packaging. I couldn’t pass up a great deal (just $2 for this pack — #groceryoutletfinds!) but feel extremely uncomfortable with the clear plastic tray, all to house just two patties. It’s PET (1), so it can at least be recycled, but surely there must be better options out there. As they continue to refine the burger, I hope they’ll also consider the container it comes in. Otherwise, Beyond is my burger of choice, and I’m glad it’s become so well-loved and widely available.

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Yo las recuerdo como las primeras hamburguesas con un sabor de verdad muy muy cercano

a las que se hacen con animales muertos. Tienen una textura, y olor... Que la primera vez que las probé, me dio hasta mal rollo, esa es la verdad. Es que hasta cuando las echas a la plancha, les sale un líquido entre rosa y rojo... Que da mucho yu-yu 🙈🙈🙈. Ahora he de decir que me encantan, pero me gustan para casa, comprar los paquetes y hacerlas yo. Normalmente si voy a un restaurante de hamburguesas, casi prefiero que me pongan algo original casero hecho por ellos, pero para mí para mi casa, un inventazo la verdad. Tienen un precio un poco elevado, pero sinceramente, tampoco son muy sanas, así que así, comemos menos.


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