The original Japanese barbecue sauce

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Been wanting to try this for awhile! This Japanese BBQ sauce is quite tasty.

The consistency is thin; it is closer to a soy sauce consistency than an American BBQ sauce. To me, it tastes like coco aminos with ginger and sesame. It’s pretty salty, as one would expect so a little goes a long way.

$5.99 at Grocery Outlet


This is so good I could just suck it right out of the bottle ..

they were sampling this in Costco.. so of course I couldn’t wait to have my very own HUGE bottle .. only $9.99.
I can’t wait to try jackfruit bbq.

Delicious sauce that goes well in bowls, tacos and more. Just note that it is

high in sodium and added sugar. #uplandspeak

Summertime means time for BBQ sauce! This Japanese BBQ sauce was exciting to try with

tofu. It's definitely more teriyaki-leaning than what I'd think of at BBQ. It has a nice salty, sweet, and tangy flavor. The sauce is a bit thin, but it's good for a marinade. @jonok made his usual chimken marinade for the tofu and added some of this sauce. We added a bit more on top once the tofu was done cooking. It was great as a sandwich with Sunset campari tomatoes, lettuce, and Follow your Heart mayo. The only bread we had was a bagel, so that was a bit different, but this still tasted great! The Japanese BBQ sauce went especially well with the mayo. This would be perfect for a rice bowl/stir fry. #bbq #japanese #teriyaki #condiments #tofu #tofulover #eatyourveggies #sandwich #soysauce #costco

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