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  • Original Antibacterial Handwash
  • Original Antibacterial Handwash

Original Antibacterial Handwash

by Astonish


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14 September 2022
I love this product for 3 important reasons:
1- contains only vegan ingredients
2- it's not

tested on animals, and so is cruelty-free
3- It's great value, as it's 600ml for £1 in Home Bargains. In other shops it may be more dear.
There are 5 other fragrances in this range.
I don't give it 5* as it leaves hands a bit dry but expensive, non-vegan and cruelty products also do.
I'm always happy to tout vegan/cruelty- -free products sold in low budgets shops, as they are a rarity and it means that those on financial hardship don't have to, either compromise their values or resort to expensive brands.

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