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Orange Thins

by Annas


4.20 (6)

  • Is Orange Thins vegan? Yes! Orange Thins is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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24 May 2023
Insieme agli originali sono tra i più buoni biscotti di questa marca. La combinazione cannella+arancia

evoca tanti bei ricordi legati ai periodi natalizi dell'infanzia. Peccato per la plastica, ma nel complesso un ottimo prodotto

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Anna’s orange thins (pepparkaka) these biscuits are so cute & fancy & also very yummy!

Would like to see if they have any other flavours.

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Flavour is not bad, the usual biscuity taste with a faint note of #citrus /

#orange 😉 Not quite suitable for dunking in hot coffee, as the thinness means it quickly buckles and makes a mess of your dining table (or sofa, or bed 🤭😂) Also has a tendency to go soggy within a few days of being transferred into a large jar; for once I wouldn't complain about small-batch packaging 😅

#abillionlove #biscuits

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