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  • Devilish Dark Chocolate Dessert
  • Devilish Dark Chocolate Dessert

Devilish Dark Chocolate Dessert

by Alpro


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  • Is Devilish Dark Chocolate Dessert vegan? Yes! Devilish Dark Chocolate Dessert is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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4 February 2023
I abosolutely LOVE these alpro desserts, I have been buying them for years and they

are a perfect little #sweettreat!

They have a really rich #darkchocolate flavour that is very good, still #sweet but not super sweet so I don’t think they risk being too cloying for most people. Luckily no bitterness, just yummy #chocolate.

I think the term ‘dessert’ fits perfectly because I am not sure what I would classify them as. Way too thick to be a sauce but not firm enough for me to consider it #pudding either. They’re similar to yoghurt in texture but without that extra creaminess. The consistency is super silky and smooth.
Great on its own but amazing topped with some fruit and cereal or nuts! Shelf-stable but tastes best cold.

It has #rainforestalliance certified cocoa and is #palmoilfree. Added calcium and #vitamins as well.

~35 NOK at Coop for a pack with 4 pots, it’s not the most affordable but it is not too bad compared to some of Alpro’s other products.

One of my #bestpicks, highly recommend you try these if you haven’t already!

#chocoholic #dessert #sweettooth #veganchocolate

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El buen postrecillo 🥰 (las ralladuras de coco son aporte mío)

Echaba de menos algún dulcecillo

así sencillo que fuera vegano y este postre de soja cumple cuando te da un antojo. Sencillo pero efectivo. Como amante del chocolate está muy bien y no sabe nada a soja, solo a chocolate negro, con lo cual genial. 🐵🥥

#chocolate #postre #soja #dulce


#santuariogaia #jaan #espiritulibre #greyton #veganoutreach

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