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  • Alpro Plant Protein Chocolate Flavour
  • Alpro Plant Protein Chocolate Flavour

Alpro Plant Protein Chocolate Flavour

by Alpro


4.55 (223)

  • Is Alpro Plant Protein Chocolate Flavour vegan? Yes! Alpro Plant Protein Chocolate Flavour is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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15 January 2022
This is amazing! Just like the original chocolate alpro, just a bit thicker- which I

love! Packed with protein, this will be a new staple in my fridge! Priced at £1.70, it’s cheaper than the normal chocolate one. Still a bit pricey though. I can’t wait to try this heated as a hot chocolate 😋

#vegan #veganchocolate #veganhotchocolate #hotchocolate #alpro #veganuary #ecopackaging #recyclable #deliciousandnutritious #chocolate #protein #highprotein

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Ci son cascata di nuovo!
Ho provato anche la versione al cioccolato dopo essermi trovata benissimo

con quella normale, il prezzo varia da un supermercato all'altro: all'iperlando li ho trovati entrambi a 2,40€ quindi sempre molto costosi ma meglio di altri supermercati dove sono sopra ai 3€.
Il profilo nutrizionale è sempre ottimo ma questo non intacca il gusto che è davvero buono anche in questa versione, uno delle bevande vegetali al cioccolato migliori.
#rifugiomiletta #santuariocapraliberatutti

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I was surprised at how much I liked this Protein Chocolate mylk by Alpro, since

I’m not a fan of chocolate mylks. It’s quite similar to the original Alpro’s Chocolate, but less sweet and with a more authentic flavour👌🏼 #chocoholic
Smooth & refreshing (when served cold).
Ingredients: soy prep (water, dehydrated soy beans 12%), sugar, lean cocoa (Rainforest Alliance Certificate) 1,6%, calcium carbonate, flavours, sea salt, acidity regulator (potassium phosphate), stabiliser (gellan gum), vitamins B2, D2.
Source of calcium & vit. B2, D. Rich in plant protein. No sweeteners. Free from colours & preservatives. Naturally lactose free. Naturally low in saturated fat. #nongmo #glutenfree
Has 5g of sugars per 100ml (not very high) and 5g of protein per 100ml.
Package is made with 89% plant-based materials (and they’re working to accomplish the 100%) 🌎
100% tropical forest-friendly. 🌳
#abillionlove #ditchdairy #chocolate #mylk #protein #alpro #soymilk #ecofriendly

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I don't get the reviews, it was very bad it tasted like cooked soy. Not

just the aftertaste, but the taste in general. I would rather just drink the plain high protein one from Lidl and add cocoa powder. I don't even know what to do with the rest of the brick. I have searched for my review for the plain protein one and I also didn't seem to like it either. I normally love their yogurts and milk, but the soy high protein milks seem to be a miss for me.
#soymilk #highprotein #alpro

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The drink tastes good and chocolaty, but not overdone or artificial. You don't notice the

added protein in the consistency. However, it doesn't contain that much protein, just 5g per 100ml. The normal soy yoghurts from Alpro already have almost 4g of protein per 100g. So there's not much difference between the two, which is why I don't really understand why they call it a protein drink. But since the nutritional values are good and it tastes good, I can imagine that we will buy it more often.

#chocoholic #vegan #protein

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