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Alpro Mild & Creamy

by Alpro


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28 September 2022
As suggested it is really creamy with a mild taste, good alone or with fresh


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This plant based yoghurt is a staple in our house. I mostly use it for

my breakfast bowl with my homemade granola and some fresh fruit. I like the taste of this yoghurt because it’s unsweetened and has a nice tang to it like dairy yoghurt. Most soy yoghurts really taste like soy but this Alpro one doesn’t have that overpowering soy taste. Like the name says it’s mild and creamy 😋
#yoghurt #alpro #dairyfree

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The creamy look of this yoghurt is the best part. The taste is mild and

it is so good in some aots with a bit of agave syrup.

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