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by Oato


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  • Is Oat Milk vegan? Yes! Oat Milk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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2 August 2021
I only previously drank Oatly but noticed Oato was being delivered in my area and

in glass returnable bottles. This is the best alternative milk I have had, it is so creamy and works well in hot drinks. Would recommend

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Love this fortified oat milk. Soooooo creamy! Love that it gets delivered in reusable glass

bottles. I would recommend this. I've set up a regular delivery

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This is one of the best vegan milks I have ever tried!! It is so

so delicious, and not overly 'oaty' which is great, my non-vegan friend said its the closest thing to cows milk he's tasted. Nice and creamy, however I suspect thats due to its high fat content - definitely wouldn't use this as my regular milk for that reason!

Would definitely recommend trying this!! Very easy to order as well, got it delivered to my front door and it comes in an environmentally friendly glass bottle which they can also collect back off you.

#veganuary #ditchdairy

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As soon as I tried Oato I was hooked. A lovely creamy oat milk, excellent

on cereals and even in tea (where I've found other oat milk to taste odd). It also froths superbly for coffee and hot chocolate. I love that it's packaged in glass too (no more tetrapacks which are hard to recycle). It's more expensive than some brands, but for me, the quality of the product, its sustainability/low carbon footprint and the convenience of a doorstep delivery are well worth the price.

Great oat milk. Thick and creamy. Worked well in my tea, will be trying it

with coffee later. The fact that it's in a glass bottle is a huge sell!!

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