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Vegan Okja brand Nutella purchased at a local Pick n Pay supermarket. Truly delicious and a 99% match to the original Nutella and Woolies Chocolate Nut Butter . The only critique I have is that the viscosity of the spread is a bit liquid and a bit sweet for my palate but this doesn’t take away from the delish taste. Definitely a winner , considering acquiring vegan items that are super tasty, satisfying emotional eaters or simply chocolate spread or chocolate product lovers.❤️

And the Spanish Valor vegan brand of chocolate that’s sugar free, gluten free and Vegan. Purchased by my husband in Cape Town either at a market stall or supermarket. It’s not as superlative as Lindt version of 70% cocoa based chocolate , it’s thicker in depth and not as silky smooth when allowed to melt on the tongue but will definitely satisfy the taste buds and chocoholics out there. A winner.❤️

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