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Whether Vacaloura will be 10 years old next year depends on you.

This is not just another campaign. It is a real cry for help. Two years ago we desperately asked for your help to buy a new plot of land, and with your enormous support, we succeeded.

Then we started the second part of the campaign, to be able to build the necessary works in order to move to this new paradise. But many people thought that by acquiring the land, everything was already done and got relaxed, and beacuse of this, added to the crisis that affects us all, caused the support to drop dramatically.

Unfortunately, if the situation of the animals two years ago was urgent. Now it is critical. With the storms of these days the roof of the goats was blown off, the pigs' house was flooded, the passage of the sheep to the big field was so flooded that they got buried on the way and had to stay several days without being able to leave...

Our hearts are getting heavier every day and we see the end of the project just around the corner, when we almost seemed to have tasted its stability with the purchase of the definitive land.

We want to be positive and keep fighting until we have no breath left, but we don't want the animals to pay for our stubbornness either, they need to be happy in Vacaloura or elsewhere. Unfortunately, it is not easy to refer them to another place either, as we have been receiving requests for help from other shelters that have been closing for the last few years and we sanctuaries are becoming more and more saturated and our hands are increasingly tied to lend a hand in these cases. We do not want to make it more difficult for our colleagues who are also struggling to carry out their projects.

To all this situation we must add that we had an environmental inspection as a result of the Responsible Declaration of Invasive Species. This precipitated the requirement to remove the zoological nucleus (for now we only had REGA permits). On the current ground, with the state of the installations, they are already assuring us that they are not going to grant it to us. They are asking us to present the documentation to obtain the permit in Arzúa. We will present it in the next few days. From then on, in 6 months, they will come to inspect us to check that all the installations are correct, so they will have to be built.

We always keep in mind that our supporters have not big fortunes and many times they are people who already collaborate with several projects, for that reason, it occurred to us that the way to solve the two main problems we have: the construction of new facilities and the provision of an economic security that makes the continuity of the project viable, goes through small economic contributions. Since we can't get the banks to grant us a mortgage, we want to use the teaming group Salvar Santuario Vacaloura to get a base of 5000 teamers to help us achieve our objectives. It is an ambitious goal, but it is also our last chance, so we have hope, because losing it would mean saying goodbye to our family and to this project to which we have given the last 10 years of our lives and which we have been dreaming about for many more, and we refuse to believe that this could happen.

We ask you with our hearts in our hands to join our teaming group and to help us spread the word, without giving up, until we reach our goal.

Vacaloura was never anything without your support and will eventually be nothing without it. Together, however, we are able to change the world and save not only hundreds, but thousands of lives, nearly 4000 in these 10 years... Help us survive, join us:


And please spread the word 💚

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