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Driving change, one review at a time

Why we support conservation and diet change

There’s something amazing about seeing a bus full of children on their first sanctuary visit. Feeling their excitement and sharing in their realization that an animal is what’s been on their plate is life-changing. In building abillion we considered how we could replicate some of that magic into a digital experience.

Today, we’re proud to count more than 50 of the world’s most impactful organizations as our partners. Every day our partners are leading conservation, education and diet change efforts; working in agriculture, public policy, education and within their communities to improve our food systems and help people live more harmoniously with our environment.

We’ve also thought about how we fund our impact. It was important that we started by acting outright, which helped us build our entire business model, our path to profitability, and the way we support consumers and businesses around the world.

1 review
$1 donated

*abillion donates $10 per 10 qualifying reviews from an individual member. Reviews must include a member-taken photo of the item. We reserve the right to cancel points resulting from abuse of any kind.

Our Impact

$1 donation
Feeds a marine life rescue worker for a day

$25 donation
Provides a burner phone for an undercover investigator

$50 donation
Feeds a hundred birds for a month

Our Partners

Some of our partners are small sanctuaries scraping by to make an impact while others are larger organizations with global influence. Everyone of them are making an impact leading conservation and diet change around the world.

Feeling inspired?

Go out there, eat something plant-based, and review it on the abillion app!