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Vegan Veggie Delight

by ZAZZ Pizza


4.36 (5)

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14 October 2021
I love #artichokes, they’re such an underrated vegetables to be added to any dish.

First time having it on pizza which tasted great, although felt like there may have been one too many different types of veggies on this veggie pizza…guess that’s why it’s called veggie delight 😅 #day14 #veganisnotscary #1reviewaday

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19 September 2021
Absolutely loved this pizza.

Veggies overloaded and the vegan cheese was simply awesome. Definitely trying this again! The restaurant has some really good vegan...

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17 September 2021
So many things to say about this.

🍕 I’ve never actually tried vegan cheese before, Daiya is “literally” the only one. But I’ll say, It has a very nice, creamy taste. About this #pizza, it was probably not my favourite, mainly because it had too much going on. Just too many toppings for...

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19 February 2022
No idea how much it cost 👀 v chewy and crusty exterior with generous amounts

of vegetables! Tasted healthy and not v salty - not your average fast food pizza

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23 October 2021
Really loved the pizza - very generous with the veggies and especially love artichokes.

We asked to change the olives to caramelised onions as I don’t like olives.


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