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  • Kaiso seaweed salad
  • Kaiso seaweed salad

Kaiso seaweed salad

by YO! Sushi


4.23 (6)

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27 March 2019
The seaweed has a great taste to it and works well with the nori except

it is soooo chewy and hard to eat!


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20 March 2019
This is so refreshing and moreish.

Lovely seaweed flavour without being overly fishy (I’ve had it from other Japanese places where it’s not been as nice) #newarc

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20 March 2020
Unlike anything i’ve ever tasted before but its so tasty I can never just

have one dish!

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4 November 2020
I love this!

I order it every time I visit yo sushi. Really fresh tasting and has a good saltiness to it. Texture is different but really enjoyable and not hard to pick up with chop...

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24 September 2020
Nice little side of seaweed and endamame salad.

Not too strong, nice flavour. A little sloppy though

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9 August 2021
This is a little oily but it tastes amazing.

Great as a side to share a well

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