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U-Mian Dry

by Xuan Miao Vegan


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6 January 2021
Not the best picture but this dish from a humble kopitiam stall was so good!

$6.50 for very q noodles, great garlic and chilli oil seasoning and a warm comforting soup with a very generous amount of greens, tofu and mushrooms. So glad to see a mostly vegan stall at a kopitiam and really hope this becomes a norm at all hawkers!


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Delicious dish for those days you want to have a healthy bowl of soup and

veggies but also want your dry noodles 😋 the spinach soup is very qing and fresh tasting, and the noodles are seasoned deliciously (not too salty, not too much sauce). Generous serving of noodles and spinach, although they couldvebeen more generous with w the other ingredients. Overall a great meal for only 6.50! Will return :)

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My favourite dish from Xuan Miao.. haha.. have been eating this from when they charge

$4+ to now..
Love the generous portion of veg.. can request to add chilli oil to the noodles if u can take garlic.. :D

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Good as always. They’ve added bitter gourd to their soups which I have no complain

about. Maybe peeps who don’t like bitter gourd may think otherwise.

Noodles to the sauce to the soup to the veggies to the mock fish maw. So close to perfection. Except that they left out the mock ikan bilis in my noodles. ☹️

Don’t forget to request for their fantabulous chilli oil if you take garlic/onion and a spicy lover.

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The ban mian sauce was very savoury, it tastes like minced meat sauce. Noodles was

good and chewy as well.
Loved the soup! Broth is light but flavourful with spinach, tofu and tau kee. I must say I enjoy vegetarian/ vegan version of ban mian a whole lot more than the meat one!

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My all time favour dry noodles. The portion is generous and the price is affordable.

The classic side dishes in the soup - spinach, seafood tofu, mushroom and the mock fried fish skin(?) are always the best choice to have when you eat la-mian.

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Simply lovely, Straightforward deliciousness. Beautiful flavours, loads of yummy veggies and oh my what do

they put in the noodles and sauce.. Decent portions too— I got to pack half of my meal home for lunch the next day. Perfect for sharing, but with flavours like this no one would blame you for not doing so.

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I'm obsessed with Xuan Miao. Ingredients (mushrooms, pressed toufu, spinach) are simple but damn tasty.

Motherload of fresh vegetables and fried beancurd skin (zai er) for added taste. They close late too, at 9.30pm!

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