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Veg Hokkien Mee

by Xing Xing Vegetarian Food


3.70 (4)

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15 June 2019
Dear Vegans & Supporters,

It was okay, not something I would order again, portion very generous thought.


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23 April 2022
I guess the Hokkien Mee will definitely looks and tastes way better when dine at

the Kopitiam.

We ordered it from Grab online platform, and by the time it arrives, much of the gravy has been absorbed by the noodles.

It becomes sticky and doesn’t look so appetising… it doesn’t tastes nice too unfortunately 🙁

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6 February 2021
Sweet savoury fried noodles with mockies and very private limited stalks of greens.

Docking ⭐⭐ for missing all important sambal condiment needed for this dish.


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22 April 2022
Tastes ok, but it was quite starchy and dry because it was left out for

quite some time. Remember to eat it fast

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