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  • Veg Fried Kway Teow

Veg Fried Kway Teow

by Xing Xing Vegetarian Food


3.92 (5)

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14 July 2019
Dear Vegans & Supporters,

As compared to their other dishes, this is probably my least fav. Won’t order it again, tasteless, oily & a little overcooked. 🙁...

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5 March 2021
Love the wok-hei from this fried kway teow or CKT.

Slightly oily but that's a package for a good CKT. 😆

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30 March 2022
Tastes good!

Prices are very cheap too. My favourite stall vegetarian stall!

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20 August 2020
A tad too greasy.

Still tastes great when it’s piping hot.

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17 April 2022
Very nice and light, not greasy

Maybe can add more ingredients like more vegetables etc

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