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Chickn Kebabs

by WTF Plant?


4.64 (5)

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14 March 2022
The ridiculously delicious CHICK’N KEBABS from WTF Plant?

at the Mojo Market in Sea Point.


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16 March 2022
These kebabs were made with urban vegan's chickn.

It looked so amazing I just had to order it! I loved the sauce, but the chickn tasted like your standard gluten wheat protein "meats". #reviewwithaview from Seapoint's Mojo Market.

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30 April 2022
Deliciously sweet and tangy kebabs, perfectly charred which gives them a wonderful BBQ flavour.

Really enjoyed these!

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3 March 2022
Super awesome texture in a barbecue sauce.

Very impressed

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1 September 2022
Absolutely delicious.

Great texture and taste. Hoisin and sesame flavour is what we had and we really liked it

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14 November 2022
I stupidly shared this with Hubz 👀😂

Bliss in every bite. We went with Hoisin Sesame as recommended.

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