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Pesto Royale

by Floralia


4.60 (6)

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15 March 2021
Probably one the best vegan pizzas I have had hands down.

Perfect portion of sauce, dough, vegan cheese, proteins and veggies.

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23 October 2022
damn this pizza is good.

i got the wood fired pesto royale with basil pesto, marinated peppers, nut goat cheese and sausage. all the 'cheeses' and 'meats' are made in house. some of the best pizza out there full...

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12 April 2021
Great local, tak out pizza place!

It is ALL vegan! Authentic (Italian) pizza dough baked in a wood fired oven!

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1 April 2021
The crust on these is seriously amazing - chewy, bubbly and perfectly charred.

The toppings are lovely too - the only homemade sausage I've enjoyed.

Just wish it had a bit more salt!

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28 February 2021
Delicious pesto pizza with nut goat cheese and fake sausage.

The goat cheese is delicious!

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25 October 2022
It is an expensive restaurant but it’s so worth it!

Incredibly delicious pizzas and this was no exception. It had sausage, mozzarella, bell peppers, and basil pesto 👌🏽

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