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  • Tofu skin maki roll

Tofu skin maki roll

by Veggie House


4.00 (4)

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20 December 2021
Quite a mouthful for what's essentially crunchy five-spice roll.

Blotting treatment applied but rather heavy still. Jap maki anyday over this 🤭


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6 April 2022
This is quite nice.

I eat this like a snack extra dish to munch munch.

It comes with a chili’s sauce which goes very well with the dish, making it spicy. When you bite into it, it taste a bit like the real fish cake inside but it isn’t as this is...

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28 December 2021
My children enjoyed this deep fried tofu skin maki roll a lot!

I don’t really like it though🤣


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18 December 2021
Just a fancy name for Ngor Hiang.

They were not bad just a tad too oily for my taste. Had the ngor hiang flavour with some konjac chunks or mushrooms and fake meat paste I guess

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