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Lor mee

by Veggie House


4.20 (3)

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28 December 2021
Daily special with gluten-free noodles (yellow ones by default), crispy beancurd sheets, fatty pork

and a leaf of lettuce drowned in subtle savoury, vinegarish dark gravy. Recommended to wash it all down with a touch of sambal chilli for extra kick 😋


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15 January 2022
Gravy is very thick and delicious with vinegar.

Portion is big, very filling with yellow noodles, beancurd skin, beansprouts, mock pork belly.

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4 December 2021
One of the best Lor Mee I have ever tasted!

Good serving of everything.

The Lor mee was really delicious with the right touch of black vinegar that uplifts the Lor mee, and just the right saltiness.

Even though we ordered online, the sauce was still thick when it arrived, and even after sometime, it doesn’t become a watery sauce, it holds quite...

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