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Sonoran Bowl

by Veggie Grill


4.45 (4)

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5 September 2019
Good mix of flavors, but none of them very strong - you might want to

add some hot sauce. It never seems to come with the fire-roasted corn that's supposed to be there either. It's always just plain boiled sweetcorn. Definitely get the optional tortilla strips!


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This has quinoa, roasted yams, jalapeños tomatoes and corn, it’s always perfect! I love veggie

grill anytime.

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This is always a go to for me! Very filling, I usually get some vegan

sour cream on the side. Not too spicy, and has a great Tex mex style!

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I liked this bowl. Lots of flavors and it felt healthy. Not my go-to at

Veggie Grill, but definitely a viable option.

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