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Rustic Farm Bowl

by Veggie Grill


4.83 (7)

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29 January 2019
This was light, fresh, and healthy!

The green stuff was very yummy, a broccoli pesto 😋

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29 December 2018
Farro is so yummy!

With mushrooms and a pesto which I thought was chimichurri like (guess it wasn’t very nutty). Filling and healthy!

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22 May 2019
So delicious!

I wish the portions were bigger for the price but wow are they good! I subbed quinoa instead of Farro.

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4 June 2018
This was a hearty, balanced meal.

Each section of the bowl provided strong flavor profiles that intermixed beautifully. The simplicity and size made it seem a little pricey, but it was truly a great meal.

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17 February 2020
Great blend of flavors and textures.

Especially liked the grilled mushrooms

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9 December 2019
It was delicious and a great combination with farro, mushrooms, yams, beans, refreshing grilled tomatoes

and a kinda broccoli mash. I really liked the combination with the grilled tomatoes (they were cold) cause it lightened the dish. It’s also a really nutritious bowl!

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27 November 2019
Was so happy to see how colorful it looked!

Everything tasted quite fresh.

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