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Far East Bowl

by Veggie Grill


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19 September 2023
Really tasty! I ordered this bowl in the past but then it came with tempeh,

not vegan chicken, and it was also a bit too spicy for me. This time it was less spicy because I mixed the ingredients well before eating, and it was amazing. The rice with the coconut sauce tasted incredible and the crispy plant-based chicken as well (I think you can substitute it for tempeh at no additional cost if you want). Felt pretty heathy as well. Ingredients: crispy sesame chick’n, brown rice, roasted garlic broccoli, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, thai coconut curry sauce.

❗️Also, guys, at least three Veggie Grill locations closed in LA in the last few months, so I think it’s really important to support the ones we have left. 😵‍💫

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