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  • Far East bowl
  • Far East bowl

Far East bowl

by Veggie Grill


4.90 (2)

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19 September 2023
Hm, can I review the same dish I already reviewed again, if I went to

a different location of the same chain restaurant?
This was really tasty. Not too spicy, the thai coconut rice tasted so amazing, and it felt healthy. You can also get it with tempeh, but I prefer the plant-based chicken, it is super realistic and done just right.
❗️A lot of Veggie grill locations have closed in LA in the last few months so I am trying to support the ones that are left.

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Crispy sesame vegan chicken with brown rice, roasted broccoli, pickled veggies, herbs and Thai coconut

curry sauce. IT’S SOOOO GOOD!

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