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Taco Sampler

by Vegan Street


4.80 (2)

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11 August 2022
We missed our flight home so had a long layover in Calgary and my first

thought was “let’s go find a vegan restaurant!” So we came to Vegan Street and were not disappointed!! I wanted one of each taco but they were out of the Asada Mushroom so I got two chicken (one sweet chili, one Greek) and one No-Fish! All super...

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8 June 2022
This was an order of their 3 types of tacos: Asada, Fish, and Buffalo Chicken.

I definitely loved the chicken taco the best, then I’d say fish and next asada. It’s pricey but it’s a good portion of really good food so it’s worth it once in a while

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22 January 2023
The tacos at vegan street will always be my all time favourite dish.

They are simply to DIE for and I always find myself craving them. I cannot recommend the buffalo and sweet chilli chicken ones more!

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