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Chickless Mayo Pizza

by Vegan Street Food ZA


4.37 (12)

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28 November 2020
One of the BEST pizzas I have had (EVER):
The Chickless Mayo Pizza from

Vegan Street Food in Monte Vista
(I took the avocado and mushrooms off mine!)
I literally dream about this pizza.
R100 (M), R150 (L)

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The best vegan pizza I've had and will keep reccomending it to family and friends.

The vegan chicken strips and the mayo are the bees knees. Got to get this pizza

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Don't judge the avo - I mean, it's not like we're all perfect 😅
This pizza

was seriously yummy with a thin and crunchy wood-fired pizza base, textured vegan chicken, creamy mayo and avo.
The texture and flavours of this pizza are such a great combo.
#veganin2020 #veganisnotscary

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Although I’m usually a plain Margherita Pizza with avo fan, I absolutely loved this Chickless

Mayo Pizza from Vegan Street Food. 🍕
It was filling, delicious and had so many toppings.
R100 for the medium might seem pricey but I feel that with the amount of toppings and the quality of the pizza, it’s totally worth it.
Can’t wait to try some of their other meals 🍕

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Hands down one of our favourite pizzas ever. It features the delicious On the Green

Side chicken with a tangy mayo sauce. The toppings are plentiful as well.

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I would buy this again. Like the crispy base and the flavor is good. The

fake chicken is nice, like the avo and the Mayo. Again not the biggest fan of vegan cheese but it was nice overall

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Best vegan pizza I've ever had. Uses On The Greenside chicken pieces (scarily realistic). Beautiful

thin base. Generous toppings. Large portion size. Very affordable.

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Absolutely amazing pizza. The “chicken” strips are so good, avo is always a winner and

there’s a generous amount of topping

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