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  • Super Dumpling - Fried Oreos
  • Super Dumpling - Fried Oreos

Super Dumpling - Fried Oreos

by Vegan Junkies


3.67 (3)

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29 August 2021
Deep fried Oreos!

Yes, it's true. Oreo dunked in batter and then deep fried. Might be interesting for someone who's Brave enough, but sugar cookies deep fried is not for...

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22 October 2021
Super original and DELICIOUS, but super unhealthy aswell!

I just couldn't resist ordering this dessert as soon as I saw it on the menu!


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30 August 2021
Eu sei que bolachas oreo deep fried parece a bit too much, mas fiquei agradavelmente

surpreendida. E e a verdade é que a calda de chocolate é um óptimo complemento. É definitivamente uma sobremesa para partilhar.

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