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Prego VJ

by Vegan Junkies


4.47 (3)

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9 November 2021

This has beyond meat which is expected to taste pretty good, but the bbq sauce they had was pretty good, very spicy! For those of you you don't know this is a veganized traditional Portuguese dish!


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26 July 2021
A portugues style Sandwich, Prego, with a Beyond Meat steak, garlic and mostard butter in

a Bolo do Caco bread. Pretty tasty, well flavoured and seasoned, perfect for take away. Simple but one of the best...

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3 September 2021
To me the presentation is underwhelming, but I understand it's hard to make this dish,

"Prego", look visually appealing. The taste however... so so good. They use Beyond meat to make this, a whole lot of mustard and one of their delicious...

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