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  • Moving Mountains Burger

Moving Mountains Burger

by Unity Diner


4.50 (18)

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1 March 2021
THE FUTURE IS VEGAN ✅ I just had to post this photo up from my

first taste of vegan ‘junk food’ back in 2018 when i’d recently turned vegan!

Unity Diner was set up by activist Ed Winters AKA ‘Earthling Ed’ @earthlinged which i’m sure many of you know through seeing his informative talks across YouTube. Unfortunately he wasn’t at the restaurant but it was great to dine at a fully vegan restaurant for the first time. Profits made go to animal rights activists “Surge”, who I happen to have donated to using this @abillion10 app! I visited their previous branch near Old Street station so i’m now looking forward to checking out their new location in Spitalfields when next in London! 💚😎

This burger itself was absolutely as incredible as it looked. It consisted of two ‘moving mountains’ patties, vegan bacon and vegan cheese, all served inside a delicious vegan brioche bun! Burger goals for sure! 🍔 💯

Also, great to be back on this app after a few days off being busy (good busy)! Time to catch up on all of your wonderful posts! 🤗 #abillionlove

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One of the best vegan burgers I've had. The patty is honestly better than both

Impossible and Beyond for me, and they pair it with great cheese, avocado and caramelised onions. Cannot miss this burger if you're at Unity Diner. #jaan

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A delicious burger bursting with flavour. The patty is from Moving Mountains which I’d never

heard of but definitely tasted just as good as big names in the mock meat world. The level of sauce is unreal and it even has avocado. You just can’t go wrong with this one, it meets burger standards you didn’t even know could be met. #jaan

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A very nice burger! Defo prefer it to the Surge burger but both are v

enjoyable. Ngl I think Unity is best for its starters and sides (which are all AMAZING), their burgers are good but not as original as burgers at other places, although they’ve recently brought out some new interesting looking ones that I can’t wait to try!! #huntsabs

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Another great burger, While the Surge burger appealed to my more plant based nut, legume

based burgers taste, this appealed to my husbands need for a meatier/unami flavour. He really enjoyed it.

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Moving mountains patty with cheese, lettuce tomato, burger sauce in a soft burger bun

topped with onion rings. The patty is juicy and and the cheese is perfect and gooey. Great price and top burger.

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YES LAWD! I came to London specifically to visit Unity Diner and it lived up

to all my wildest dreams. This burger could satisfy even the more voracious animal-eater. The meat and cheese were incredibly realistic. It really hit the spot after a night out. Everyone was super friendly, great music and they are DOG FRIENDLY!!!! They don’t accept cash as the bills have gelatin in them :( 100/10 would recommend. If you don’t go here while you’re in London, did you even visit London at all???

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Triple moving mountains burger with hash brown, bacon and smoked gouda. This was good vegan

junk food. The moving mountains burger tasted good. Although I found the Gouda a bit pongy tasting and I was craving vegetables by the end. I think I should have picked a smaller burger. The cocktail called Piers Morgan’s Tears was soooo tasty though. I would recommend trying the diner especially as the money goes to a good place

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