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Vegan Caramel

by Unframed Ice Cream


4.20 (5)

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26 December 2020
Divine Flavour.

Not really caramel more like burnt sugar so a bitter sweet but I like that alot! Very creamy! They had so many vegan...

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21 January 2020
Unframed offers many great flavors of vegan ice cream and this is one of them.

It's super creamy and tastes of real caramel, but isn't overpowering. Not sure what the base ingredient is, but no coconut flavors in this one.

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2 August 2021
I did not enjoy the salted caramel ice cream but my boyfriend loved it.

I love that the cones are vegan friendly and that it wasn’t crazy expensive for a scoop.

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30 March 2021
The taste of this was really good you can definitely get that caramel taste, but

unfortunately it was a very gluey consistency - the other options I tasted weren’t like that though and they had a lot of vegan options !!

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26 September 2020
Little man had a yummy Vegan caramel ice cream - it was a real treat

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