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  • Amazing Green (Vegan)
  • Amazing Green (Vegan)

Amazing Green (Vegan)

by Toss & Turn


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28 August 2022
First time here at Toss & Turn and went for one of the dishes under

their signature bowls. Comes with good amount of greens and proteins - lettuce, beans, edamame, balsamic tofu, sunflower seeds and soba. Heard that the portion size used to be much bigger...

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16 September 2022
Haven’t had their salads in awhile.

They did increased their prices but the portions seemed to have shrunk. Anyway, I had the option to select cherry tomatoes S they ran out of baby French beans. Opted to have olive oil and balsamic dressing instead of their Sunflower Seed Lime Dressing because I was avoiding sugar for the month

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