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  • Mushroom Noodles

Mushroom Noodles

by Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodle (Downtown East)


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1 September 2023
Noodles are very chewy and the mushroom is heavenly. Just a pity that the sauce

doesnt stick well with the noodles so it actually tastes quite plain. But it's a really good option at DTE and im grateful for it.

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COMING OUT OF MY HERMIT SHELL TO POST THIS mushroom noodles because it was 😭👌🏻💯.

This is really one of the very few decent vegan options I have found at downtown east. BLESS.

They make the noodles in-house, and you get to choose the type of noodles (pictured is 'small-flat'). TEXTURE IS ON POINT. omg i love handmade noodles so much....

Tell them you're vegetarian and they'll give u a bowl of clear soup instead of beef soup. There are also quite a variety of vegetarian cold side dishes to choose from. I got the marinated tau kee. (it was alright, the highlight was the NOODS 😍)

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