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Pad Thai

by Tien Hiang


4.65 (8)

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11 April 2022
Pad Thai con spaghetti di riso, "pollo" vegano, tofu, carote, germogli di soia e arachidi.

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I am surprised by how realistic fried “chicken” was, it was crunchy from the outside,

tender and juicy on the inside, and a plum sauce add richness to it. This was the best dish of all lunchtime 10/10
Pad Thai was okay, a bit plane taste 7/10
Daily soup with coconut milk 7/10
Spring rolls 6/10
Also, we loved the atmosphere and friendly servers💖

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Not too expensive for being Paris, and a decently sized dish. The flavour was a

bit off, with very little tamarind and other spices, so it kinda felt like noodles with soy sauce. Would have again, but I imagine other things at Tien Hiang can be tastier.

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Ho preso il takeaway perché il ristorante era pieno.
Il pad thai è molto buono ma

12 € per quella porzione mi sembra un po’ esagerato.

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Not the best pad Thai ever had, still it was really good, i will absolutely

come back there to take it again and try their other dishes!

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