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  • Thunder Tea Ramen/Rice
  • Thunder Tea Ramen/Rice

Thunder Tea Ramen/Rice

by 擂茶树 Thunder Tree


4.73 (6)

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21 January 2022
bit pricey for thunder tea rice, but they give large portions and wholesome ingredients 👌🏼

first time trying it with spice which killed me a little!!

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10 December 2020
Best leicha imo, chilli is bomb MUST TRY plus you are supporting a

local organic farm too :)

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2 June 2018
I really liked the chewy texture of the ramen & how the noodle base &

the soup aren’t too salty. I’d have preferred a thicker soup, but that’s just my personal taste xP The price is pretty reasonable, considering that most of the ingredients are organic! :) • 2nd try with rice instead from their Smith Street outlet 2/6/18: I still prefer their ramen cause I’m a team noodles person xP

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10 June 2018
Absolutely delicious!

A huge bowl of leicha kolomee with heaps of organic ingredients, and a dollap of fiery homemade chili.. Don't miss this!

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17 November 2018
擂茶树 Thunder Tree 🌳 |

Fresh from Local Farm — Fire Flies Health Farm, Farm-to-Table

📍101 Upper Cross Street People’s Park Centre Level B1 S(058357)

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9 August 2018
the ramen noodles were really springy and chewy!!

leicha is truly an acquired taste tbh until now im still not a huge fan of the soup but i love the ingredients !!!!

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