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  • Braised Tofu Yam Rice
  • Braised Tofu Yam Rice

Braised Tofu Yam Rice

by 擂茶树 Thunder Tree


4.73 (3)

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13 October 2020
My new favorite dish from their stall!

Love the variety of ingredients. There are greens, mushrooms, tofu, yam, etc. It is very savoury and appetizing. It has a light herbal taste and...

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15 August 2020
So filling and nutritious.

Braised tofu has a homely spiced flavour. Well done

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7 August 2021
I usually gravitate towards their kolomee but they ran out of noodles that day, so

I had no choice. This yam rice was however surprisingly good. They were super generous with all the ingredients, and there were a number of yam chunks in the...

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