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Buffalo Beans and Greens

by The Wild Cow


4.87 (3)

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1 April 2021
One of the staples of Wild Cow!

I would highly recommend the tofu with any dish!

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5 October 2018
Grain topped with pinto beans, kale, buffalo tofu or tempeh, carrots and vegan ranch!

I really enjoyed this dish and the carrots and ranch complemented the spicyness of the tempeh well. The kale was delicious and added a nice green element. Also the vegan ranch tastes exactly like real...

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9 October 2018
The tempeh tossed in buffalo was amazing, especially for people who like a little more

spice. The salad had the perfect mixture of grains, beans, tempeh, and fresh veggies. Perfect mix out of healthy bowl and comfort...

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