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New York Melt

by The Vurger Co Canary Wharf


4.59 (14)

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13 September 2020
Good option for a vegan burger with the Beyond Meat patty and nice melted cheese

and sauce. A change from the veg-based patties on the rest of their menu.

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Il New York Melt è pazzesco!!!❤️ Classico cheeseburger, con burger di beyond meat se non


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WARNING: if you don’t like getting stuck in to your food and are scared of

getting a bit messy, this place may not be for you. HOWEVER, if you’re a lover of phenomenal burgers, and are partial to the odd induced food coma, then this place is most definitely for you!

The New York Melt is everything you hope it’d be and more. Oozing cheese, lashings of incredible homemade burger sauce, and a big fat juicy patty (or two...), all accentuated by fresh tomato and crunchy gherkins. There really is nothing not to like. Pure, unadulterated foody filth. In a good way.

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Very tasty burger but could be slightly cheaper.
Generally recommended but not when you’re very


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Super yummy! Mock beef burger. Cheesy and saucy in a lovely brioche style bun, not

served with tots (bought separately). Only disappointed they don't do loaded tots.

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This is easily the best burger I’ve had since the Beyond Burger. It’s quite messy

but this is vastly outweighed by the taste 😋 I highly recommend this and I can’t wait to return! NB. It *looks* greasy but it’s actually ok to touch.

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