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Watermelon Poke Bowl

by The Plant Food


4.63 (8)

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28 October 2022
Mad love with the colours in this dish!

This dish consists of brown rice, watermelon poke, corn, purple cabbage, edamame, shredded carrot, seasoned seaweed, avocado, sesame and nori. Watermelon poke was surprisingly good! When all the ingredients are mixed together, it was really...

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28 September 2022
Featuring marinated watermelon tuna, an interesting whole-food substitute!

(Alternatively, the menu has similar bowls featuring chewy konjac tuna in both spicy and non-spicy versions.) Served alongside a literal rainbow of vegetables - cherry tomatoes, carrot, corn, avocado, edamame, wakame, purple cabbage, and shredded nori. A delightful bowl in both presentation and taste! (Allium-free, $13.90, +$1 to switch from brown rice to quinoa)

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24 January 2022
๐Ÿ‰ ($13.90)

ingredients with chewy short-grain brown rice! :โ€™)

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25 September 2022
Very creative dish using watermelon ๐Ÿ‰ as savoury sides replacing the raw salmon in the

poke bowl. Bursting with flavour when you mix all the ingredients together and eat it as a whole. Colourful combination of...

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13 January 2022
I like their bowls.

But I was hoping for more of a stronger watermelon taste.

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30 December 2021
Interesting, nice mix of ingredients that did remind me of fish but it was still

a lil on the sweet side to me

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27 December 2021
the watermelon 'poke' was unique!

slightly sweet and salty with a light crunch. not sure if it really tastes like raw fish bc i was never into that before I went vegan, but it was nice haha. eating the poke with the seaweed gave it a really fishy...

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23 April 2022
๐Ÿฅ— I was very hesitant to try this as I have a fear for seafood

and not a super fan of cold dishes. But decided to give it a go! Am quite happy I...

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