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Vegan Soboro Don

by The Plant Food


4.56 (5)

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26 February 2022
Scrambled tofu, edamame and vegan meat served on chewy soft brown rice.. super comforting and

yummy combo! It costs $11.90. I really liked it.

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12 February 2022
🍱 This was the first dish in SG where I tasted kala namak aka black

salt. Like... oh... this is what it taste like! I see why people say it gives the eggey taste, which is really the sulphur like aroma in...

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13 April 2022
Served warm, “eggs” had a nice salty texture, minced “meat” was appetising.

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26 September 2021
Wow, this is so much better than it looks, haha!

Very homely and savoury. The vegan mince isn’t the best but the flavour is good!

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31 December 2021
Weekend special!

Soboro / sanshoku don is a popular 3-colour Japanese rice bowl usually comprising brown ground chicken, yellow scrambled eggs, and green vegetables. TPF's version consisted of brown rice topped with gingery minced 'meat', creamy scrambled tofu, and edamame soybeans, along with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Would have liked a little bit of crunch (maybe flower shaped carrots?) as the ingredients were mostly soft in...

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