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  • Pulot Enti Kelapa
  • Pulot Enti Kelapa

Pulot Enti Kelapa

by The Peranakan Restaurant Singapore


3.90 (4)

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1 August 2020
Nice end to the meal!

The rice is not super sticky which I like, and overall it is not extremely sweet. It's also clearly marked out on the menu as "vegan-friendly".

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28 November 2019
This was glutinous rice coloured with the blue pea flower topped with shredded coconut cooked

in gula melaka. The coconut topping wasn't too sweet and perfectly moist, and rice had a subtle coconut aroma. I was also surprised that it was served warm as those we buy outside are usually cold or room...

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31 December 2019
Made with butterfly pea rice.

Yummy coconut milk - infused rice with sweetened desiccated coconuts on top!

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11 July 2020
Glutinous rice with crunchy grated coconut.

This dish was somewhat bland for a dessert.

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