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  • Nasi Buah Keluak

Nasi Buah Keluak

by The Peranakan Restaurant Singapore


4.40 (5)

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3 October 2019
This is blacknut with Omnipork rice topped with fresh herbs.

I couldn't really tell from this dish that they uses Omnipork. But it has a herby taste.

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30 September 2019
I've not had Buah Keluak in ages!!!!!

Had this at SG Vegan Festival. While it's a great dish utilizing #omnipork it wasn't as tasteful and was served really cold despite it being on a buffet style container with heat below. Portion -wise was on a higher side @...

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6 March 2021
As a Carbo monster.. this is absolute delish and my favourite dish of the meal..

fragrant rice beautifully cooked perfect texture.. missing it already. 😋

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29 September 2019
This Blacknut rice with omnipork is so savoury though I could not taste omnipork which

is great because I wanted to try the rice on it’s own

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