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'Mutton' Rendang

by The Peranakan Restaurant Singapore


4.66 (7)

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26 July 2020
This is the best rendang I’ve had since becoming vegan, the rendang sauce tastes

very authentic and the “mutton” chunks are extremely soft!

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19 July 2020
This vegan "Mutton" rendang has the real rich fragrant rendang the way true traditional peranakan

cooking is done. I think The Peranakan really takes a lot of pride in their food. I love that this is true to...

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28 November 2019
My dad and i were surprised that the sauce has a mutton-y aftertaste...how did

they even do that ._. I must say this place really do they gravies/sauces/sambal very well and not all peranakan places can achieve this standard👍🏻 This gravy had the right amount of spiciness, rich in flavour and aroma, and absolutely satisfying~ But just a little bit oily for me. The mock meat was QQ and shredded a little like real meat when you tear it...

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6 March 2021
My non vegan friend loved this dish and that made me very happy.

Mushroom stalks kinda mock meat with uber flavourful rendang gravy. Yums.

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18 August 2020
This was my boyfriends fav.

The flavours are all there but its not super strong that it may put off some ppl that aren’t used to peranakan food. Its a must have!

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11 July 2020
Soft steamed bun topped with a spicy stew of potatoes and various types of mock


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