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  • Ikan-less Assam Pedas

Ikan-less Assam Pedas

by The Peranakan Restaurant Singapore


4.43 (6)

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2 October 2019
For my foreign friends, Ikan = fish 🐟

Tried one at the Singapore Vegan Festival and its was so tasty and loved the sauce that went with it! It kind of had a bit of the fish taste but with that nugget kind of texture 🤔

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26 July 2020
Love the tanginess of the curry and you cannot tell the fish is vegan

in the curry! I believe they used the Gardein fishless fillets and I’ve only ever eaten the fishless fillets when baked in the oven but now I’m inspired to make these with some sort curry too!

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20 August 2019
This is my favourite vego dish from The Peranakan.

The right amount of tanginess, and not too spicy. The texture of the soy fish is lovely as well. All round boss...

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4 October 2019
This is made of tofu and tapioca cake.

This is a bit soury, tasty with a perfect spiciness.

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28 November 2019
The assam gravy was done really well~ Sour, tangy, spicy and very moreish!

The fried gardein fish fillet was crispy but tasted like any other western brands of vegan meat. But definitely worth the try especially for its assam gravy haha🤭 This dish actually came with vegetables at the bottom but i forgot to take a picture before eating them🙈

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6 March 2021
I am a big fan of Gardein.. ikanless drenched in delicious sour spicy Assam pedas

sauce.. how can it ever go wrong.

A pretty pricey meal but lovely one with good food great companion and friendly staff.. 🌻

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