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Chap Chye

by The Peranakan Restaurant Singapore


4.03 (7)

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24 January 2021
classic chap chye dish!

very tasty gravy and veggies were cooked to perfection (not too soggy)

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6 March 2021
Am so happy my non vegan friends enjoyed this meal.

Rather good chap Chye but not my fav veggie dish hence am not over the moon for this particular dish.

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25 November 2019
Nyonya-style Chap Chye.

Really expensive at $17. I like the tau kee but in the end no one can beat my ahma's chap chye, even her herself proclaimed that when trying this lol. This dish have ingredients that don't cost...

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19 July 2020
Super yummy Chap Chye (mixed vegetables).

There is Tau Kee (beancurd skin), tung hoon (green bean vermicelli), black fungus and chinese mushrooms. Done to true Perankan tradition.

#chapchye #peranakan

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28 November 2019
My all time favourite nyonya dish since young!

Every chinese new year i always look forward to my granduncle's nyonya chap chye but ever since he passed away many years ago, i haven't had a good chap chye dish. This definitely satisfied my craving and brought back so mamy memories!😢 It was so umami, not too salty and full of its characteristic fermented beancurd flavour👍🏻Also love how they are so generous with the beancurd skin (tau kee) and black fungus too! SO GOOOODDD #bestpicks

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20 August 2019
This Peranakan chap chye (mixed vegetables) is slightly different from usual chap chyes.

It’s got a slight soury sweet touch to it and is presented in a stew-like dish with taukee (beancurd skin) and tunghoon (glass noodles). 💯🔝

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