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  • Tempeh Buddha Bowl

Tempeh Buddha Bowl

by The Living Cafe


4.49 (17)

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11 August 2021
Absolutely my favorite dish at Living Cafe and for a carb lover like me that’s

a big statement! Eating food like this makes me think about how much my food choices have changed. I used to think a great meal was one where I left feeling super full, craving more and ready to pass out… these days a great meal is one that energizes me, invigorates my senses, where I can taste and pick out ingredients and leave feeling great that I did something good for myself. Eating dishes like this one does all of that for me. ❤️

Definitely one of my favorite dishes in all of Singapore 🇸🇬

#bestof #tempeh

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Really loved this one! Ordered it as part of the dinner set for 2 with

wine. Tempeh, cumin roast sweet potato, purple cabbage, sprouts, avocado and housemade kimchi with a creamy miso and almond dressing. Everything just worked well together. #rotd

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Really hearty Buddha bowl with a good portion of each of the different veggies- salad

leaves, kimchi, avocado, sweet potato and the tempeh. Really good nutrition wise too. I did however find the taste to be a bit one dimensional especially towards the end as there wasn’t too much in terms of seasoning, but the mix of textures kept things interesting 👍🏽


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So happy i got to try this dish.
So good and a lot in this dish-

tempeh/sprouts/kimchi/baby spinach/sweet potato/ purple cabbage/ avocado/sunflower n sesame seeds

The tahini miso dressing is such a spot on mix!
Im a big eater but this one really fills me up and it feels so so healthy n so delicious. Super like!

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My friend ordered all vegan from the living cafe for her house warming dinner 🥺

this dish in particular was good and well packed with all the good stuff and paired well with each other.

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The tempeh buddha bowl is a one dish meal where all the crunchiness of fresh

spinach, pea shoots and purple cabbage meet the acidity of a light kimchi and the creaminess of avocado. The star here is of course the tempeh and the kitchens have managed to infuse enough flavour by way of sensible seasoning and cooking technique.

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The tempeh was really delicious, savory and has the fermented taste but not at all

over-powering. They didn't have the kimchi so it was subbed for the sauerkrat but it's too sour so only get this with the kimchi as it'll be perfect.

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🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 all I can say is this dish had me beaming the rest of the

afternoon. Their tempeh is incredible and the rest of the salad was savory, crunchy, citrusy, juicy, chewy and packed with umami! Go try it! 💪🏽


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loved the tempeh & roasted sweet potato but i wasn't a huge fan of the

sauerkraut & miso ginger dressing — tasted a bit too ... raw for me :/ they accept byo :-)

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