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  • Plant-based Curry Rice
  • Plant-based Curry Rice

Plant-based Curry Rice

by The Hainan Story


4.80 (2)

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17 February 2023
My favourite curry of all time! Perfect amount of spice. The vegan chicken and vegan

egg are amazing

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First time trying plant based egg OnlyEg, was really impressed how it looks like and

Nice plant based curry rice set put together everything was good including the Tindle meat

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12 January 2023
Generous portion with a good variety of curry veg, TiNDLE cutlet and OnlyEg. The TiNDLE

cutlet has a very nice crunch and great texture. However the OnlyEg omelette felt a bit too flour-y and leaves a weird after taste in my mouth. Overall a satisfying dish!

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